Netizens Are Interested in This Volunteer Work That Lets You Teach a Baby Kangaroo How to Hop

Making changes to the world starts within yourself and how you contribute to society. A lot of people engage in fighting for rights regarding societal and environmental issues. They join nonprofit organizations or establish support groups to take action together with other members. Apart from joining movements, people may sign up for volunteer work. Many have already involved themselves in saving the environment by planting trees, rescuing animals, or joining ocean clean-up programs. Doing volunteer work can definitely help in your personal growth, especially when you see that everyone’s efforts are not in vain. Making time to create changes little by little is truly fulfilling and something you should be proud of.

Photo: Reddit/Living_Chef_0525

Recently, volunteer work has caught the attention of the internet. Many people have been asking where they can sign up to teach baby kangaroos to hop. Sometimes rescue centers, parks, and zoos allow visitors to interact with baby animals. Volunteers are needed, especially when the young animal is an orphan and no adult is around to teach them things. A video on Reddit showed how it was done by a volunteer. The woman wore a kangaroo onesie to make her look like an adult kangaroo. It was a fun and adorable sight, especially when the little joey started to hop around like her.

Volunteer teaches baby kangaroo how to hop
by u/Living_Chef_5025 in aww

Your heart will definitely hop from the interaction between the volunteer and the baby kangaroo. Apart from hopping, she taught the joey how to jump into a pouch. She used a cloth as a pouch, and the baby did well, like it had practiced even before their session started. Living_Chef_5025’s Reddit post earned 19.6k upvotes and 286 comments from interested netizens. They expressed their desire to get involved in volunteer work like the woman in the video. It’s also heartwarming that anyone can help heal a rescue animal or be a young animal’s parent for a while. They surely need someone to show them the ropes and how to survive alone. Baby animals are given a chance to experience maternal presence even from a human in a kangaroo costume.

“Not all heroes wear capes, but some wear kangaroo costumes,” ItMathematics comments. Indeed! The woman in the kangaroo onesie did the right thing by applying for this volunteer work. Living_Chef_0525 also added in the comment section, “Imagine being a baby kangaroo and having nobody to hop with, and one day this friendly girl shows up to hop around with you. He must have been so happy.” It was an act of kindness that even a joey will truly appreciate. The video reminds people that you can make changes or help the world in any way you can. Kangaroo survival is important, that’s why joeys are cherished and given hopping teachers. The Reddit post is definitely worth the share — make someone smile or be motivated to do volunteer work today.

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