WATCH: 6 Great Owl Releases, And 1 Really Scary One!

Founder of Wildlife Aid in Leatherhead, Surrey, UK, and host of Animal Planet’s Wildlife SOS Simon Cowell (not to be confused with music and television producer Simon Phillip Cowell, or fellow British wildlife rescuer Les Stocker) says that releasing tawny owls into the wild is his favorite part of the job.

These seven young tawny owls were released into a 1,000 acre area that was absolutely perfect for their future.

But sometimes things don’t necessarily as planned, especially when wild animals are involved.

On this particular release, things don’t go as smoothly as Simon and his crew would have wanted, as one owl seems to mistake a nearby lake as solid ground and turns a potentially amazing rescue release into something that got a little scarier for the team.

Watch the video below to see the incredible rescue-and-release!

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