Dad Freaks Out When He Sees His Daughter Playing With Giant Tarantula

A sunny weekend day in Tucson, Arizona (is there any other kind?) is the perfect time to hang out in the backyard by the pool. Just ask Blake Lehman!

The 18-month-old girl was playing in her family’s backyard in September when she found something she was especially excited about:

“A bug!” She can be heard excitedly yelling to her dad in footage shared by the Daily Mail.


In a discarded coffee can, she’d found one of Arizona’s most beautiful and fascinating arachnids — the tarantula!

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Unaware of her creepy-crawly find, her dad David Lehman walks over to check on her. “I was expecting a beetle, as it’s that season right now, so when I saw the tarantula I just thought ‘get that gnarly thing away from my daughter!'” he explained to the Daily Mail.


Letting out what could charitably be described as a shocked shriek, Lehman reaches to hit the coffee can out of his daughter’s hands.

Her firm grip means that she topples to the floor with it, and he reaches to scoop her up, running from the spider with the dog in tow.


While being icked out by a spider is completely understandable, the Southwest is home to a wide variety of them — and they’re mostly harmless.

If threatened, they may rear up on hind legs before biting. Their bite feels like a bee sting and, unless you’re allergic, goes away quickly. Their other line of defense is barbed and venomous hairs on their abdomen that can cause skin irritation.

Photo: flickr/Bureau of Land Management California

Fortunately, Blake was unharmed and after she calmed down from the excitement, she was able to go right back to exploring the yard.

Lehman says he was able to catch the spider later and release it into the desert, giving this story a happy ending for everyone involved.

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