Tapirs Are Probably Some Of The Weirdest Animals You Have Ever Seen — Here’s Why

Related to rhinos, sometimes called “mountain cows,” and a nose that is eerily similar to an elephant. Tapirs are creatures that many people see as sort of a “Frankenstein” animal, where they seem like hybrid that was formed through the millennia. But they are actually incredibly fascinating!

These animals live mostly in South America, with some species being found in Asia, and even though they usually make their homes in dryland forests, they do spend a lot of their time near rivers and underwater.

Food sources for tapirs consists mostly of soft vegetation like plants at the bottom of rivers, fruits, berries, and leaves, which actually makes them seem like pretty normal herbivores!

But then you look at the fact that in addition to being relation to rhinos, they are also related to horses, have a different number of toes on their front and back feet, and that they live almost entirely solitary lives, and you remember how odd tapirs are in the animal kingdom.

Even though these animals are so distinctive, many of the species are actually very endangered due to serious habitat loss problems and are in need of our help!

To learn some more awesome facts about these unique animals and how you can help, check out the video and the link below!

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