Watch Synchronous Fireflies Light Up The Sky In The Great Smoky Mountains

There is a light show that gets put on every June in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and most people miss it. It is a light show of thousands of synchronous fireflies. People come from all over the country to see the event but due to the current pandemic, it is impossible to see it in person. According to a report from CarolinaCoastOnline, however, there was a way to see the event through an online streaming service provided through Discovery Life in America.

There are fireflies in many parts of the United States but the fireflies that are in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains are the only ones that flash in sync in the Western Hemisphere. It happens for two weeks in June when the males are flying above the ground and blink their lights for the females on the forest floor. The results are stunning.

Thousands of people would typically get together to see the phenomena, but the Great Smoky Mountains National Park canceled the event in April 2020. They were concerned about social distancing and they knew it would be impossible but that didn’t stop the synchronous fireflies from putting on the show. Rather than having to rely on winning a ticket through a lottery, it was possible this year to see the show online.

The nonprofit organization, Discovery Life in America, is dedicated to the protection of biological diversity. The virtual firefly watching event was streamed live on YouTube on June 1. An introduction to the video talked about the behavior of the insects and then you could see the footage of it happening for yourself through the video. You can see the fireflies flashing over a stream, an open field, and a hiking trail. One clip shows the insects in the midst of their mating ritual as a thunderstorm is brewing behind them. It may be too late to watch it live but you can still see the video below:

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