Surrounded By Dozens Of Sharks And A Diver Decides To Do This

Sharks are probably one of the most misunderstood creatures in the entire ocean. Most of the time they have such a negative stigma attached to them that they are man-eating monsters, willing to attack on-sight.

But in reality, they are incredibly elegant animals that have a lot of diversity and beauty.

Even with that knowledge, swimming amongst a school of massive sharks is still absolutely terrifying.

One diver had a once in a lifetime experience when he was suddenly surrounded by a large group of hammerhead sharks on a typical dive off the coast of Mozambique.

These particular sharks are incredibly beautiful in their own way, with their large hammer-shaped heads and their ability to gracefully glide through the ocean.

Unfortunately threatened by the fin trade, these unique sharks are rarely seen together in such large numbers. Since the sharks ignored the diver, he was able to relax and capture incredible and up close footage of these incredible creatures.

Watch the video below to see his beautiful footage.

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