Friendly Swan Greets His Neighbors By Knocking On Their Doors With His Beak

Most of the time, when we hear a knock at the door we expect a friend, neighbor, or postman. Perhaps we’ll encounter an occasional solicitor trying to peddle goods or religion. What most people wouldn’t expect is to hear a knock and answer the door to be greeted by an animal.

For residents in Northampton, East Midlands, however, this is a normal occurrence. When they hear a knock at the door, they know to expect either a human…or a swan.

According to FOX NEWS, the swan, named Cedric, will use his beak to knock on the doors of houses for hours. In fact, he’ll sometimes knock on the door of a single house for three hours straight!

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

Wendy Howard witnessed the swan knocking on doors, according to BBC, and captured the comical moment on film.

She wasn’t alone in witnessing the swan’s antics, either. While out for a walk, Scott Rodriguez also spotted Cedric knocking on doors!

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He shared footage of the event on his Facebook page, saying, “So on my mammoth walk this morning, it’s not often you spot a Swan knocking on ya door 🤣”

Photo: Facebook /Scott Rodriguez

Despite the recent attention Cedric is gaining, his behavior is actually nothing new. According to FOX NEWS, he’s been knocking on doors for about five years! While is no one is sure why he knocks on his neighbors’ doors, some think he’s looking for food and others believe he must enjoying the sound of his beak hitting the door.

However, according to the news outlet, one of the homeowners who Cedric regularly visits, Stephen Legg, has never fed him before – yet, he continues to return and knock on the door.

According to SWNS, Cedric only knocks on the doors in one particular neighborhood of people who live across the lake from him. While he may not get anything from knocking, he’s sure persistent!

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

As FOX NEWS reported, Wendy Howard shared with SWNS that Cedric knocks on the doors nearly every day! She said, “I still think it is pretty funny to see when walking past. But I’m glad it isn’t my house because it is very noisy.”

Watch a video of Cedric in action in the video below:

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