Rare Orchid Flower Resembles A Swaddled Baby In A Crib

Nature will never cease to amaze with some of its creations. There is one very rare orchid that gives the appearance of a swaddled infant in a blanket. To look at it, you’d think there was some kind of photoshop or something of the sort happening to the picture. But it’s actually real – and the flower can be found in the South American mountain range of the Andes along Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador.

Given its resemblance to a sleeping baby in a blanket, it has been named the “Swaddled Babies Orchid.” Of course, its more scientific name is the Anguloa Uniflora.

The Swaddled Babies Orchid was discovered by botanists Antonio Pavon Jimenez and Hipolito Ruiz Lopez from Peru. According to Orchid Plus, the two botanists had embarked on a ten-year-long adventure from 1777 to 1788 during which they studied plants. However, the naming of the flower took them another ten years to decide on.

They finally decided on “Angula Uniflora” in honor of botanist Don Francisco de Angulo, who was also the Peruvian Director General of Mines. Angulo was said to have extensive knowledge of exotic flora, even going as far as to help several other botanists of the age identify different flowers.

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This orchid in particular, while looking adorable, is actually almost two feet tall. In some of the regions, the flower is referred to as a tulip orchid. The Swaddled Babies Orchid is known for having petals that are cream-colored and have a wax-like consistency to the touch.

Surprisingly, Gardening Know How has also stated that the petals have a cinnamon scent to them. These plants do well in high humidity and bloom best in low light conditions. Additionally, these flowers do have a long-lasting bloom to them.

These gorgeous flowers are known to grow well on the forest floors, where they thrive with the prolonged wet and dry weather conditions. However, if you happen to get your hands on one and you want to have it grow well then you’ll have to do your best to recreate their natural habitat. That means you’ll most likely need a greenhouse, as well as well-drained soil – something you can do by poking multiple holes in the soil. It is also suggested that the soil be fertilized every two weeks, or you can add natural peat or charcoal to the soil.

For those who are familiar with orchid care, you won’t be surprised to learn that this orchid would need misting up to five times per day during the summer time. Caring for such an orchid is definitely not for the beginning gardener or someone who can’t commit the time to caring for such a high maintenance flower. In addition, the orchid will need to be watered every five to seven days during summer and a little less in winter.

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