Supermoon: The Biggest And Brightest Full Worm Moon Is Happening This Week

So far, the lunar events of 2020 have not disappointed. Now, with March comes the biggest and brightest supermoon. On the 9th of March, at 1:48 P.M EDT, we will witness what is known as the Super Worm Moon. This particular celestial occurrence also has other names such as the Crow Moon, Sap Moon, and Lenten Moon. Since it is the final full moon of the astronomical winter, this moon is closely associated with the ushering in of spring – a time in nature when earthworms come out of the ground and all the birds who migrated for winter are beginning to return home as the temperatures warm up again.

This worm moon is also a supermoon, a phenomenon characterized by the moon’s appearance as larger and brighter than usual due to it being at or near its closest approach to Earth.

Photo: Unsplash/gaston Bazzino Ferrerie

Ed Bloomer, an astronomer from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, said to Country Living, “In theory, you might be able to see this moon at the moment of becoming ‘full’ shortly before 6:00 pm in the evening, but only if you’re blessed with a very flat horizon. Waiting for another hour or two to make things easier. This year, the Worm Moon is a ‘super’ moon. Because of the moon’s elliptical orbit, its distance from the earth varies. In March, the orbit will be relatively close so the moon will seem slightly bigger in the sky.”

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According to NASA, supermoons slightly vary in sizes in the night sky due to the fact that Earth’s satellite revolves in an elliptical orbit, meaning it affects moons making them look slightly bigger than normal. For astronomers, when the moon is full and at the closest point in its orbit, it is referred to as “perigean moon.” NASA has also stated that a super moon can appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than a typical full moon, however, that difference is only barely visible to the naked eye. If you have plans to follow the March 9th event, then you should note that the time given is based on those who are following EST, so it will vary across the world in different time zones.

Photo: Unsplash/Ganapathy Kumar

Now, if you’re following the supermoon for astrological reasons, then you’ll be interested to know that the worm moon will be in Virgo, and this makes it pretty powerful. This full moon cycle is said to bring new truths or realizations, as well as convey you to pay close attention to your health.

Photo: Unsplash/Ganapathy Kumar

According to AstrologyKing, “This is a good full moon for overcoming your fears. This is also a good full moon to acknowledge your own weaknesses and forgive yourself. This will help you grow spiritually, morally, and ethically. Removing guilt and self-pity will lead to a happier and more contented life.”

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