At 2:16, I Learned the Beauty of a Supercell Storm…

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In June of 2013, storm-chaser Brad Hannon filmed a supercell thunderstorm that occurred near Booker, Texas. Of the storm, Hannon says, “…in combination with the landscape and setting sun, I witnessed some of the most amazing storm structures, colors, and scenes I’ve ever witnessed.”

A supercell is a thunderstorm characterized by a deep persistently rotating updraft. Low-pressure supercell thunderstorms, like the one seen in the video, are often found in arid regions, like the high plains of the United States. Supercell thunderstorms are considered quasi-steady-state storms, meaning they are capable of lasting a number of hours. They vary greatly in size and depending on severity of the storm, they can produce hail, torrential rainfall, strong winds, and downbursts.

Supercell’s are a relatively common occurrence but no matter how many times you’ve seen one, the weather event will leave you speechless. Watch the true power and beauty of a developing supercell in the video below!

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