Time-Lapse Shows Sunflower Opening Over 10 Days

Sunflowers are one of the most stunning flowers. When they open to the sun, their bright yellow petals add dazzling color to the landscape, and they often fill with bees and attract much-needed pollinators.

My mom has a huge garden each year, and this year was the first time she planted a field full of sunflowers.

At first, they grow tall and have closed, green heads on top, but seemingly overnight they open to reveal their beautiful petals.

Photo: YouTube/Wikimedia Commons

While sunflowers don’t actually open overnight, it can feel that way if you’re just watching them with your own eyes. After all, it’s hard to capture the exact moment they start to open – that is, unless you have the help of time-lapse footage.

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Thanks to Neil Bromhall, we can watch a sunflower opening over the span of 10 days in a time-lapse video he captured.

Photo: YouTube/Neil Bromhall

Bromhall filmed the time-lapse in a studio using a flash to capture the process even at night. The entire thing was shot on a Nikon D500 35mm camera.

He shared the footage on YouTube and it’s mesmerizing to watch.

Photo: YouTube/Neil Bromhall

While looking at a flower in a field in real-time, it looks so still, but the time-lapse really brings the flower to life and shows just how much movement it’s making!

Check it out for yourself in the video below:

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