Sunfish Visits Woman Every Day For Five Years

Have you ever had a stray cat that shows up at your home every day? That is to be expected, but what if I were to tell you that it was also possible to have a Sunfish show up and visit every day?

Not only is it possible, it happened for one woman named Holly Jorgensen.

When Holly was out on her dock at her home, a little Sunfish came up to say hello. At first, it was an interesting visit but she didn’t expect that it would continue every day for five years.

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

Sunfish tend to guard their nests very carefully, so the unusual behavior of this Sunfish, which she named Greenie, was something that was not considered to be normal for a fish. Greenie really seemed to take a liking to Holly, however, so she went down to see if he was there the next day.

As it turns out, Greenie was there waiting for her and he continued to stop for a visit every day until the lake froze over at wintertime.

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At that point, Holly was wondering if she would ever see her friend again but when the spring thaw happened, there he was, waiting to say hello.

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

Holly has continued with these daily visits and, at times, has even lent a helping hand when Greenie needed it the most. One day, the fish showed up and had a hook in his mouth but Holly was able to gently remove it.

There was even a time when some fishermen on the other side of the lake got to see how close of a relationship they had.

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

Holly told The Dodo: “One day I swam to the other end of the lake and was telling some young men about Greenie when one of them asked, ‘Is that him?’ It was. He had followed me there, and the guys could tell he was attached to me. They were amazed, as everyone is when they see him.”

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

They sometimes say that birds of a feather flock together but in this case, I would say that these two birds may have different feathers but it’s obvious that they belong with each other.

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