Can We Restore This Once-Lost Species? WWF Makes Rare Contact with Sumatran Rhino

Researchers with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have made contact with a wild Sumatran rhinoceros in Indonesian Borneo! This is a big conservation success — Sumatran rhinos were nearly considered extinct in the area, as there hadn't been a live sighting of the elusive species for more than forty years.

Wonderful news: the first live sighting of a Sumatran rhino in Indonesian Borneo for 40 years!The species was thought…

Posted by WWF UK onTuesday, March 22, 2016

On March 12, 2016, using a pit trap, WWF and other members of the Sumatran Rhino Conservation Team were able to capture one young female without harm, as part of an operation to create a new sanctuary for the species. The team plans to transfer at least three individuals to a protected forest in an undisclosed location, with hopes of restoring the species' population to a sustainable size without the threat of poachers.

See footage of the pit trap capture below:

Badak Sumatera Berhasil Ditemukan di Kutai Barat Untuk Upaya P…

Badak Sumatera Berhasil Ditemukan di Kutai Barat Untuk Upaya PenyelamatanDalam kurun waktu lima dekade terakhir, ini adalah kali pertama Badak Sumatera dapat diamati secara langsung di habitatnya.Video : WWF

Posted by National Geographic Indonesia on Monday, March 21, 2016

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Last year, scientists declared the Sumatran rhino regionally extinct in Malaysia, and before 2013 they were thought to have disappeared from the island of Borneo, too. But footprints and camera-trap footage brought a new glimmer of hope for the species, and WWF claims to have now identified fifteen individuals in three separate populations across Indonesian Borneo.

With a little hope and a lot of effort, we may be able to restore this incredible species to the wild.

The Sumatran rhino is one of the smallest, most endangered rhino species on the planet. Learn more about these rare rhinos and the conservation efforts to protect them!

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