See How Humans Helped Save a Stranded Orca

Follow the epic journey of an orca that was swept onto the Canadian shore with the tide and left stranded until the high tide could pull her back into the water. For six hours, she was trapped among the rocks. Whale experts at the nearby Cetacea Lab kept her hydrated with wet sheets and by running water over her as they waited for the tide. Though she cried during the ordeal, these cries became cheers when she was finally freed, according to ABC News.

For hours and hours, these wonderful individuals made sure this beautiful orca was well-hydrated. Off in the distance, her pod waited patiently for her to return home and after a grueling 8 hours, the tide was high enough for her to escape her rocky prison. The orca made it out a live and in great condition — nothing more than a few minor scrapes on her belly.

Watch the incredible rescue of a trapped orca below! Also know that there are good people in the world willing to help Earth’s precious creatures.

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