This Honey Badger Is A Better Escape Artist Than Houdini And David Blaine Combined

Honey badgers are notoriously tough, ferocious, and strong, all of which are a little ironic considering their name. They will defend themselves by any means necessary and are afraid of absolutely nothing. And then there is a honey badger named Stoffel who has become famous for a very different reason.

At the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Stoffel has become somewhat of an icon because of his notorious escape routines. The staff have tried literally everything to keep Stoffel in his enclosure, but nothing seems to work.

When Stoffel first came to the center around 1996, he was allowed to have free reign of the campus with two other female honey badgers. Soon after his acquisition however, Stoffel started causing extreme havoc around the rehab center, like invading the kitchen and chasing the staff. After being put into his own special quarter-hectare camp, he decided he would make it his life’s mission to escape at any, and every, moment.

Brian Jones and his workers even tried giving Stoffel a female friend to help him release some excess energy. But the plan backfired when the pair became the honey badger versions of Bonnie and Clyde, helping one another to create even more elaborate jailbreaks.

Stoffel will likely not be able to be released into the wild because he was found and raised by a farmer at an extremely early age, but his time at Moholoholo is spent with the best care, attention, and living quarters that perfectly suit his unique needs.

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