Incredible 1,000 Pound Stingray Saved By Good-Hearted Beachgoers

Lots of animals get rescued on a daily basis. Whether it be adopting a dog, saving an elephant from tourist attractions, or even taking home a stray cat, people love to help animals.

But what if you saw a 1,000 pound stingray on the beach? How would you even begin to help, with something that heavy?!

In Brazil, a massive stingray washed up on the shore after being tangled in a fishing net. Onlookers came together to haul the creature back into the ocean and free it from its bonds, despite the danger of a potentially deadly sting.

After making sure the stingray was free of the fishing net, the people of this Brazilian beach came together and used the help of the ocean waves to bring all 1,000 pounds of the stingray back into its ocean home.

Even though they were in danger, they still managed to help this massive creature safely.

Faith in humanity restored!

It is truly a sight to see — take a look!

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