Artist Liezl Ronquillo Creates Awesome Drawing of Steve Irwin as a Pokémon Trainer

For those of us who grew up in the days of Pokémon cartoons and “The Crocodile Hunter,” this story is bound to hit you right in the feels and bring back all of those warm fuzzy childhood memories.

An artist by the name of Liezl Ronquillo, who operates under the handle “vivinkart” on social media, just posted a piece of art she created that brings together two of our favorite things—Pokémon cartoons and the legendary Steve Irwin himself.

Ronquillo reimagined Irwin as a Pokémon trainer and posted her artwork on Instagram for all to see. In the image, Irwin gives viewers a thumbs-up with one hand and holds a Poké Ball in the other.

In the background, the Water Pokémon Totodile and the Ground Pokémon Krokorok are ready for battle. This fan art is truly amazing and accurate!

Photo: Instagram/vivinkart

“Also made Steve Irwin into a Pokémon Champion, not just a regular trainer,” wrote Ronquillo. “It would be perfect for the Australian region! He could work alongside Professor Gum/Waratah/Wattle in aiding wild Pokémon in the region. He wouldn’t push his Pokémon past their limits but would still encourage a healthy Pokémon battle.”

Since it was posted, the fan art image has received nearly 2,000 likes and almost a hundred comments, and the vivinkart Instagram page has seen an influx of followers. Ronquillo promises fan art of “Australian Pokémon starters” will be coming to her page soon to appease her new fans.

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Photo: Flickr/David

“Oooooh my heart,” writes Instagram user shade_bear. “He would be so perfect! I love this 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.”

“Thank you for blessing us with such wholesome art😭❤❤❤,” says starrymelon.

“I need more of this in my life! Also, WHO’S CUTTING ONIONS?! 😢😢😢” adds tyratexii.

One thing is for sure. The world misses Steve Irwin.

Rest in peace, Steve.

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