Little Grace Irwin Waves At Her “Grandpa Crocodile” Steve Irwin’s Poster At The Australia Zoo

Crikey! It’s the man, the myth, and the legend, grandpa Steve Irwin!

Steve Irwin was one of the most famous Australian wildlife experts in the world. He may have been called the crocodile hunter, but in no way is it meant to sound negative or aggressive. He simply aimed to educate people about Australia’s wildlife during his legendary career.

Did you know that Steve Irwin grew up at a zoo? Yup, and his parents were wildlife experts as well. The Irwin family has always been near all kinds of animals, and it looks like the tradition isn’t stopping anytime soon. Although the crocodile hunter is no longer physically with us, his spirit lives on.

Bindi Irwin, Steve’s daughter, recently shared a clip of her daughter on her Instagram, and it is absolutely adorable.

The caption that Bindi provided gives us some context on why her daughter is stuck outside some barriers. It looks like there’s some construction going on in the Australia Zoo, the very place where the Irwins grew up. Grace Irwin, Bindi’s daughter, might be blocked by some barriers right now, but the zoo is her territory, as she has been growing up around the zoo just like her mother and her grandpa.

In the video, Grace is seen stopping in front of her “Grandpa Crocodile” and pointing out her grandpa’s poster. Bindi can be heard in the background, asking Grace if she loves her grandpa crocodile. Grace answers with the softest “yes” I have ever heard, and it is absolutely heart-melting.

The video ends with Bindi saying, “I love you, sweetheart. Grandpa Crocodile loves you too.” And Grace goes out of frame as she approaches her mom. Now this is a sweet, loving family for sure.

This isn’t the first time Grace has graced us with her adorable face. Read about Grace having a conversation with a dog here.

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