This Video is Sure to Make You LOL at 0:49!

Squirrels are mischievous, quick little creatures. Whether they’re stuffing nuts in their cheeks or scampering across tree limbs, they move almost daintily in pursuit of what they need. Like his brothers, the squirrel in this video is quick but purposeful. His mission? Raiding the bird feeder.

When the video starts, the camera is focused on the bird feeder, and this sassy little squirrel starts delicately climbing up the metal rod holding up the feeder. He bends and stretches, holding tight to the metal curves of the stake, and tries to “sneak up on” the sought-after birdseed from multiple angles.

However, in his attempts to acquire some delicious birdseed for a hearty meal, this squirrel takes more than a few missteps — and the result is some hilarious rodent acrobatics (and a happy ending)! You’ll love it!

The music makes this video even more epic, so be sure to turn on the volume. Take a look, and enjoy!

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