Squirrels Store 50-Pounds Of Pinecones Under The Hood Of A Car

Whenever our cars make a strange noise, we never assume that it’s anything more than just a bit of engine trouble that can easily get fixed by a mechanic. However, one Michigan man in the city of Gaylor, was in for the surprise of his life when he popped his hood to check on his car. Kellen Moore had noticed that his car’s air conditioning unit had started making strange sounds.

Upon looking beneath the hood, Kellen was shocked to discover that there were roughly 50 pounds of pine cones hiding beneath the hood of his car. As it turned out, the neighborhood squirrels had seen the man’s Dodge Journey as the perfect place to store their pine cones.

Of course, upon discovery, Kellen couldn’t help but call his co-worker, Gabe Awrey, to come over and check out the startling sight. Gabe shared with Kellen that squirrels aren’t unknown to stash items under the hoods of cars.

Photo: YouTube / POWERNATION

In fact, some drivers had been known to find acorns in their air filters, but what was found in Kellen’s car certainly exceeded anyone’s wildest imaginations.

The 50 pounds worth of pine cones took Kellen and Gabe about 45 minutes to clear out. It’s not uncommon for squirrels to use cars as a safety nest from the cold during the winter months, but Kellen’s car meant that the squirrels had been hard at work for weeks.

Incredible. What do you think about these busy squirrels? Let us know!

Watch the video below:

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