This Squirrel’s Acrobatics Will Amaze You

This squirrel’s mission, if she chooses to accept it (which, obviously she will) is to complete an elaborate obstacle course that ends with a pile of delicious acorns! The course is treacherous, but not “impossible” for this clever wild rodent.

Watch the video below to check out her amazing acrobatics !

Fun facts about squirrels! There are over 280 species of squirrels and they can be found throughout the world! Most squirrel species are easily identifiable due to their large eyes and bushy tails. There are a few exceptions — like the chipmunk! They belong in the squirrel family but have smaller tails and are striped. The squirrel’s large eyes are especially useful when it comes to foraging for nuts and skillfully climb trees (in this case an obstacle course) and evade predators! Squirrels are greatly responsible for speed dispersal and forest growth because they hide their seeds and nuts in the ground — they sometimes forget where they bury their food and the seeds are allowed to grow!

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