The Incredibly Speedy Sports Cars Of The Savanna

With all the animals on our wonderful planet, there are bound to be massive differences in speed both on land and in water. Some animals are fast, while others are tremendously slow. But when talking about animals that are build for all-out speed, the cheetah will always be at the top of the list on land.

Not only are these big cats incredibly beautiful, but they are basically the Ferrari’s of the land animal world.

Besides being the fastest mammal in existence, the cheetah is also one of the top predators in the grasslands. Its enormous heart, liver, and lungs give the cheetah’s lightweight frame the capability for huge power and speed boosts as it hunts, allowing it to reach speeds up to almost 80 miles per hour (almost 97 km per hour).

That’s exceptionally fast, considering that the fastest human has only been able to run at 28 miles per hour.

Watch as a speedy mother cheetah tries to find some grub for her cubs — check out the video below!

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