Watch A Spider Build Its Web In Oddly Satisfying TikTok Video

Nature is host to so many incredible, subtle kinds of beauty that we often don’t notice in our day-to-day lives. Taking the time to pause and enjoy it is easier said than done, too.

But fortunately, some are using social media for that exact purpose, directing our attention to displays of incredible design, construction, and imagery that can only be found in the natural world.

TikTok user @dinaoren0 is one of those people, sharing on the site brief videos of a spider near her home, and the delicate web that it dutifully spins.

PHOTO: WIKIPEDIA / Markrosenrosen

At incredible speed, the spiny orb-weaver spider (also called a star, kite, or jewel spider for its distinctively colored and textured abdomen) builds the framework for her web, then gets to work filling it out in a satisfying, counter-clockwise motion.

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As the video continues, the reason for the spiny orb weaver’s naming becomes clear. The web that takes shape is densely layered, giving it a distinctive look that you may recognize — Charlotte, the titular spider from E.B. White’s beloved children’s book and film was an orb weaver.

Photo: flickr/James Johnston

Arachnophobes rejoice! While the spiny orb-weaver is as creepy-crawly as any other spider, its bite is harmless to humans and its diet mostly consists of the kind of bugs you don’t want in your home. Further, the beautiful, shell-like abdomen that characterizes these spiders can come in a beautiful array of colors!

Later videos on @dinaoren0’s account also show the spider going through the delicately inverted process of deconstructing the web, a fascinating look into the calculations and mechanics that go into creating and displaying a successful, functional web.


Spiny orb-weavers are native to Africa, Asia, and Australia, with distant relatives in the Americas as well.

Watch the full video below!


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