Landlord Finds Illegal Snakes And Tarantulas In Apartment After Tenant Moves Out

I once spent a midnight spiral on YouTube listening watching video stories of Reddit posts covering various scary topics. One of the videos that I remember sticking out most to me was one about strange or creepy items found during apartment clearouts.

When it comes to tenants, a landlord never really knows who they might end up getting until after the tenant has moved in. Or, more accurately, once they’ve moved out.

Most of the time when tenants move out, the worst that landlords will find in their vacant properties are things like poorly cleaned kitchens or unauthorized nails in the wall. Usually, it is very mundane stuff that will be found inside vacant properties. But every once in a while, there will be a very strange discovery made by an unsuspecting landlord.

Photo: Wikimedia Commnos

For one landlord in Auburn, Maine, a routine clear out of a property producing a very shocking find. It was a collection of a bunch of illegal animals, such as a ball python and 19 tarantulas!

Needless to say, the landlord was completely taken by surprise to walk in and find the animals all on their own.

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It is not clear why the former tenant chose to leave behind all their animals, but the landlord knew that they couldn’t handle the removal of the animals all on their own. That is when the landlord reached out to Drew Desjardins, the owner of the animal rescue named Mr. Drew and His Animals Too.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Desjardins arrived at the vacant apartment in order to help the “nervous” property owner remove the animals. Desjardins noted that the snake had been left without water and was in a sorry state. Furthermore, tarantulas are illegal to own in Maine without a permit, and Desjardins found that four of the spiders had already died by the time he arrived.

The animal rescue owner has specialized in helping to rehabilitate animals of an exotic nature, giving them a second chance at living full lives.

He took in the animals from the apartment and cared for them. Luckily, he was able to post to Facebook sharing that the rescued animals are “doing well now.”

Received a phone call from a nervous landlord today about some abandoned animals in an apartment in Auburn. 19…

Posted by Mr. Drew and His Animals Too on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Of course, the tarantulas that Desjardins rescued are venomous, but he noted that the spiders are actually quite “gentle and docile” and they don’t really hurt many people. In fact, he shared that more people die from bee stings per year than from spider bites.

As he shared with 13WGME News, “The movies show them as being these indestructible creatures that will just come at you if you step on them and jump on people and attack them and run after you and that’s not true. Very shy and delicate. If I took out this tarantula right now and dropped it on the ground, it’s going to break like an egg and die.”

Posted by Mr. Drew and His Animals Too on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Desjardins posted about the rescue to his Facebook page, a post which ended up gathering a lot of attention from Facebook users. Many people thanked him for helping out the snake and spiders, while others mentioned their hopes to see some justice served for the abandonment.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever heard of getting left behind in a vacant property? Have you ever been a landlord clearing out a property? Let us know!

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