Woman Horrified After Finding Massive Spider Hiding In The Toilet

Many of us consider the bathroom to be somewhat of a refuge from the world around us, but one Australian model is showing us that it is not all it is cracked up to be.

After all, she stood up from the toilet and saw a huge spider had been underneath her all along.

Photo: TikTok/@gabpizzato

Since being posted on TikTok, the video has gone viral and millions of people have watched it. It’s one of those things that make us think twice before sitting on the toilet, and we have Gabriella Pizzato to thank for it.

After standing up from doing her business, she said: “Oh my God I just saw his legs. It’s like under the rim.” It seems as if she was in a public bathroom when it occurred.

Photo: TikTok/@gabpizzato

She went on to say that she had stood up from the toilet and flushed it but there was a huge spider under the seat. I don’t know about you, but this makes me rethink my overall bathroom process. I may never go again without looking.

Pizzato goes on to say: “I was sitting there for about 20 minutes! Oh my God, I want to show you, it’s actually huge. I want to cry. It is huge.”

Photo: TikTok/@gabpizzato

She then takes things to the next level by showing us through the lens of her iPhone camera exactly what greeted her upon standing. I have to admit, when the spider’s legs pop out from underneath the rim, it’s one of those life-changing moments that you wouldn’t forget very quickly.

Even Pizzato wonders how she will ever be able to sit on the toilet again!

@gabpizzato Watch till the end 🙃 I have no idea how I’m ever gonna goto the toilet again #spider #australia #fyp ♬ original sound – Gabriella Pizzato

Fortunately, the commenters were there to talk her down off the ledge.

They told her that it was probably just a huntsman and although they do have a venomous bite, it typically doesn’t cause more than a little discomfort.

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