Australia Faces ‘Spider Apocalypse’ Following Floods

Following some recent floods in the state of Victoria in Australia, residents are experiencing a “spider apocalypse.” The pictures that people are sharing are nothing short of nightmare fuel.

As the spiders have fled the rising waters, they’ve been making themselves right at home in higher ground. “Home” for these eight-legged critters means tons of cobwebs everywhere.

The pictures are horrifying. Many of these images come from Gippsland, in the eastern part of the state. They basically show giant blankets of spider webs covering the entire ground – as well as road signs, trees, and other standing structures.

Photo: Reddit

A Reddit poster stated about the situation: “If the floods weren’t enough, I give you, spider apocalypse.”

Someone replied to the comment with, “Australia delivers. Not any kind of package you want to sign for, but it delivers nonetheless.”

Still, someone else shared the sentiment that we’re all probably thinking in one form or another, “No way, get f***ed, f*** off.”

Photo: Reddit

As to what arachnid is the likely culprit for these terrifying, real-life Halloween decorations, Professor Dieter Hochuli from the University of Sydney, believes that they’re probably the sheetweb spiders. According to the professor, these spiders are not uncommon pests following floods.

He explained to 7News that these spiders don’t built the traditional orb webs that we all know spiders to weave. Instead, he stated that sheetweb spiders build “ones that are flat and the spiders often live between two layers of webbing.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

He further shared that they are often common after heavy rains or major flooding because they can’t survive on the ground anymore.

He compared the spider’s habits to those of humans, when there is flooding, they also seek higher ground for safety just like us.

Photo: Reddit

While we can’t fault these spiders for just trying to survive, there is still no denying that their webs have a very spooktacular aesthetic to them. Too bad Halloween is still a few months away.

What do you think of this Australian spider apocalypse? Have you ever seen these sorts of webs in real life? Let us know!

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