Speed Kills: Ultimate Precision at Top Speed

Predators use a wide range of tools to help them capture their prey. Take, the mantis shrimp, which, uses its incredible strength (it’s pound for pound one of the strongest animals in the world) to crack open the shells of clams and crabs. Or look at the fearsome grizzly bear, whose bite force is a whopping 1,600 PSI. For reference, a human’s is, on average, 162 PSI. Think that’s impressive? It pales in comparison to the Nile Crocodile’s bite averages 5,000 PSI.

However, for many, the hunt isn’t just about strength. For these predators, speed and skill are their tools of choice.

The African goshawk combines speed with incredible feats of agility to navigate tangled forests canopies as they tail its prey. Its powerful eyesight and uniquely shaped, quick-moving rounded wings make them top predators in dense underbrush.

Watch the video to see this incredible in action.

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