Speed Kills: The Fastest Punch in the World

Mantis shrimp look like a lobster and is neither mantis nor shrimp. These brightly-colored crustaceans are fascinating for a lot of reasons. Take, for instance, for their unparalleled vision. Their eyes are incredibly complex, featuring 12 different color receptors (3 times more than a human!), and make them skilled hunters,. They’re also older than dinosaurs! No, seriously. Nearly 170 million years older!

But one of the most unique things about the mantis shrimp is it’s strength. Pound for pound, the mantis shrimp is one of the strongest animals on earth. It’s so strong, in fact, that it can use its powerful forearms to deliver punches that travel as fast as 22-caliber bullet.

Using hinged arms, the mantis shrimp stores and locks in energy, waiting for the perfect moment to release their deadly attack on their prey. Paired with that incredible eyesight, the mantis shrimp can accurately pinpoint and take down its prey with ease.

Watch the video to see their amazing feats!

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