Wild Macaques and the Art of Snowballs

This wild young Japanese macaque just discovered snow and all the fun things you can do with it! He observes his fellow macaques in his troop and notices that they are all building snowballs. To be part of the gang, this little one builds his very own snowball! However, he not entirely sure what to do with it. He soon learns the ball-like structure rolls down the hill ad struggles to control his own invention or perhaps that is the point of his newfound toy! Either way.. it’s a tremendous hoot to watch this little monkey have fun during his snow day.

Fun fact about the Japanese macaque! They LOVE a good long soak in natural hot springs during cold winter days. They are social creatures and will sit for hours relaxing with each other. Doesn’t that sound like a pleasant activity during the winter?

Watch the young macaque master the art of creating a snowball in the video below!

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