Rare Video Shows An Endangered Snow Leopard Calling Out To Mark Its Territory

Most of us have never even seen a video of an endangered snow leopard, let alone seen one in the wild. They do exist and, as it turns out, they are capable of a few surprises. That is clearly seen in the video below, where one of those endangered snow leopards is calling out to females in the wild.

The White Lion Foundation (TWLF) released the video that showed the snow leopard and his unusual behavior. It seems as if the animal had wandered past the remote specialist field cameras at their location in the Karakoram Mountains in northern Pakistan.

As is seen in the video, the big cat climbs onto the rocks, sniffs the air and then lets out a roaring call approximately 11 times before wandering away and disappearing into the snowy mountains.

Scientific research is ongoing with the use of the high-definition cameras in the area. They have been monitoring and tracking the wild snow leopard population through the use of those cameras.

TWLF put out a press release, in which one of their representatives, Dr. John Knight, said, “It is extremely unusual and special to be able to get such clear footage of a snow leopard vocalising in the wild, as they are by nature elusive and solitary, only coming together to mate and raise young.”

“The adult male is exercising his vocal calls to establish territory and to let females know he is in the area,” he went on.

Photo: Facebook/The White Lion Foundation

Shirley Galligan is a director with TWLF who added:

“In these challenging times, it lifts our collective spirits to see such unique and wonderful footage of the forever-beautiful snow leopard.

Our charity is working very hard to make sure these exquisite creatures are able to continue living in freedom, in the Karakoram mountains for many generations to come.”

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Baltistan Wildlife Conservation and Development Organisation (BWCDO) is working along with The White Lion Foundation. The video was posted on Facebook with the caption, “These are tough times for sure but not as tough as it is for snow leopards to find a mate through urinating and screaming.”

Comments included one person writing: “Wildlife is an important part of our environment. They should be conserved and protected from all diseases and the government should completely ban the illegal hunting of these rare mammals. I hope that the snow leopard will find his partner soon.”

Another added: “Wow snow leopard roaring. Lovely,” while a third commented: “Absolutely beautiful video capture love it”.

Photo: Facebook/The White Lion Foundation

Those organizations have a partnership and work with local villages to conserve and protect the snow leopard. It is one of the most endangered big cats in the world.

The Independent reports that between 4000 and 7500 of those big cats are thought to be left in the wild. One of those cats has been killed on average every day over the past decade.

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