Snorkeler Finds Missing Wedding Ring Around A Fish

It seems common to hear about fish and ocean life being threatened by human garbage, like soda rings and straws. One little fish was found suffering from getting caught in a human ring, but it wasn’t a soda ring – it was a wedding ring!

A snorkeler off the coast of Norfolk Island in Australia, Susan Prior, was enjoying her time in the water when she noticed some peculiar. She saw a fish with a golden ring lodged around its body.

It wasn’t uncommon to see mullet fish with plastic rings around their bodies from trash, but this ring looked different. She shared two photos of mullet fish she saw with rings on Facebook, one suspected to be plastic and the other gold.

Photo: Facebook/Norfolk Island Time
Photo: Facebook/Norfolk Island Time

Prior recalled reading on social media that a man had lost his $1,000 wedding ring while snorkeling, so she decided to investigate further.

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According to a blog post about it, she said, “I recalled that someone had posted on our local community social media pages about a large man’s wedding ring that had gone missing in the bay earlier this year, so I decided to see if I could find the possible owner. It didn’t take long for my suspicion to be confirmed; we now have a poor mullet weighed down with someone’s (expensive) gold wedding ring.”

Photo: Pixabay

Prior further shared with Daily Mail that it’s going to be a challenge to free the fish of the ring, but they’re planning on making it happen. She said, “The metal can only be removed by catching the fish in a net and gently removing it. The fish seems to be OK so far but as it grows, the ring will cut into it.”

The owners of the ring, Suize Quintal and her husband, Nathan Reeves, also spoke with Daily Mail about their missing jewelry. They explained that they went snorkeling over Christmas and the golden ring fell off in the water.

The couple searched for it “everywhere,” but had no luck. Quintal said, “He lost it a day before our second wedding anniversary.”

Hopefully they’re able to safely free the poor mullet fish and return the wedding ring to its rightful owner!

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