Inventor Creates Robot That Allows Snakes To Walk On Four Legs

Have you ever wanted to see a snake walk on four legs?

It almost seems unfair that snakes are destined to crawl on their bellies when so many other animals have legs, including lizards, crocodiles, and iguanas!

Inventor and snake enthusiast Allen Pan was adamant about seeing snakes walk with legs.

Photo: Pexels/Tina Nord

In a video shared on YouTube, he said that he “feels bad for snakes” because “they lost their legs” as part of their evolution.

He wants to change that, at least temporarily, so he created a robot that allows snakes to “walk” on four legs.

Photo: YouTube/Allen Pan
Photo: YouTube/Allen Pan

As he explained in the video, young snake embryos actually do have legs, but certain DNA mutations prevent those legs from developing into anything.

Pan wrote in the video’s description: “god made a mistake.”

In an attempt to fix the mistake, Pan designed a state-of-the-art robotic suit and set out to test it.

Photo: YouTube/Allen Pan

At first, Pan reached out to the Los Angeles Zoo to see if they could help with his experiment, but the zoo wanted to charge him a lot of money (as much as $2,000 just for a Zoom call!). With the zoo out of the equation, Pan had to get creative and found a local snake breeder who goes by the name of @granddaddyherps1904 on Instagram.

Despite the unusual Instagram handle, the snake breeder proved to be legit and he collaborated with Pan to find a snake to work with.

Photo: YouTube/Allen Pan

Pan spent some time getting to know the snakes before choosing one for his experiment: a placid female python who happily slithered into the robot suit.

It wasn’t long after she was settled in the suit that she began “walking” with her new legs. It’s really something special to witness!

Check out the video below:

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