So Many Baby Sloths In One Video Will Surely Give You A Cuteness Overload

The Panamerican Association of Conservation (APPC) in Gamboa, Panama is home to some of the most precious creatures in Central America. These animals are the ones that almost everyone thinks of as the laziest creatures in the world.

Contrary to popular belief however, the sloth is not really all the lazy after all. They are just slow; the world’s slowest animals, in fact. They are so incredibly slow that algae actually has the time to grow on their fur.

Despite being the slowest animal on earth, it may come to the surprise of many that these amazing creatures are actually incredibly adept swimmers. They can perform the breaststroke almost as well as an average human swimmer. Many times, they will simply drop themselves off from the branches they are climbing, down into water for a quick swim.

At the Panamerican Association of Conservation these fascinating animals are given the utmost care from the workers because they know how special they really are!

When sloths are in trouble, whether they are orphaned or out-of-place, caretakers Yiscel Yángüez and Néstor Correa of APPC are more than happy to help.

Watch the video to see a daring rescue, a heartbreaking release, and plenty of baby sloths!

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