Florida Zoo Reunites a Mother Sloth and Her Baby with the Father

On February 8, a mother sloth gave birth to a healthy baby on St. Augustine Alligator Farm. Unfortunately, Teddy, the father of the newborn sloth, wasn’t able to witness his baby’s birth, as he was sent away by the mother, Grizzly. According to the zoo’s Facebook video, wild female sloths send the father away so she can independently take care of the baby. The Hoffman’s two-toed sloth mother will nurture the baby for months, with the little one clinging to her belly — to create a bond that will contribute to the baby’s development.

Grizzly and the newborn baby stayed and formed a connection in the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park’s maternity ward. After three months of nursing her baby, the couple finally met again, with a cute addition to their family. The staff of the zoo were all happy to witness the reunion — they even captured the moment on video.

Photo: Youtube/ZooBorns

The Hoffman’s two-toed sloth couple approached each other — with the baby on Grizzly’s belly. As Grizzly was munching on some leaves, the father and baby gave each other a sniff. It was like they were familiarizing themselves before they got all chummy.

The whole family is being monitored in the zoo’s Sloth Landing. They will be under further observation in the future to see the development of their bond. Hopefully, the sloth family gets along with each other after the most-awaited reunion. If you are near or around St. Augustine Alligator Farm, you can visit the family and other animals under their care.

Click the video below to witness the touching reunion of Grizzly and Teddy and their baby.

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