Sky Island’s Most Colorful Bird

Miltary Macaw

The Military Macaw — often mistaken for the similar-looking Great Green Macaw — is native to North and South America, and mostly inhabits tropical areas near the Pacific coast but can be found as far north as the Sky Islands of northwestern Mexico.

The origins of its name are up for dispute — “military” comes either from their uniform-esque green plumage, or because European soldiers would often take them home as pets around the time they were classified.

They have a loud, shrill call, and a beak that is strong enough to crack the hardest nut, but is also great for shimmying across branches.

Military Macaws fly in huge flocks of fifty or sixty birds, but never stray too far from their mate. These avians are monogamous for life, which is longer than you’d think.

Check the facts to learn more about these amazing birds and what makes them unique.

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Unfortunately, due to its popularity as an exotic pet and a loss of habitat, the Military Macaw is endangered. Its numbers in the wild are critically low, and unless we take steps to protect their environment there is a real chance that they could be lost forever.

But you can do something about it! Find out what you can do to help preserve the Military Macaw’s habitat, and prevent this amazing bird from going extinct.

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