WATCH: Find Out the Science Behind Sinkholes!

There has been a lot of action in the news regarding sinkholes lately — however, just because a lot of holes are popping up, seemingly out of nowhere, they don’t necessarily represent a bad omen.

In fact, there is a very sound, scientific explanation for the formation of sinkholes. Sinkholes occur due to an oversaturated soil — the soil loses its structural integrity and will buckle due to the weight and pressures the ground experiences.

A lot of people do not realize there are signs when and where sinkholes will occur. For instance, before a sink hole collapses, trees will lean or the ground will appear to slump. In the presence of a sinkhole, these symptoms will be most prevalent after heavy rains and storms.

If you would like to quell your fear of sinkholes and see them in action, watch the video below!

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