Sing About the Manatee

Let’s face it: manatees are seriously adorable. Their big eyes, flippers, and roly-poly bodies makes them pretty hard to resist. And why would you want to? These lovable creatures are known for being gentle giants! They’re herbivores and have no predators in nature.

Oh, and you now how we mentioned they’re herbivores? They’re pretty serious about their plant-eating. They spend a great deal of their waking-hours grazing on sea grass, and can (and often do) eat up to 9% of their body weight!

They also really like to sleep– they actually spend about half their day sleeping! Loves to eat and nap? Sounds like a pretty great life!

These slow-moving, lovable animals are so darned cute, it’s no surprise they’ve inspired a song!

This charming number by J.P. Taylor present manatee protection in a manner that conservationists of all ages can enjoy. Watch the video and sing along!


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