Florida Man Left His Shoes Outside Overnight And Millipedes Took Over

Anyone who has left their shoes outside before knows the pain of doing a “bug check.” Even if you just leave them outside for a single night, it’s possible that a spider or other bug might’ve moved in.

Of course, most people wouldn’t want to find a bug (or several) in their shoes, but Corran isn’t most people.

TikToker and aspiring nature TV host @Cor2ran is a self-proclaimed “bugger” and loves to find bugs. In a video he shared on TikTok, he encountered quite a host of bugs after leaving a pair of his nice shoes outside overnight.

Photo: TikTok/cor2ran

In the video, you can see his Nike sneakers outside. As he gets closer to the shoe, you can see inside and the sole isn’t even visible due to the sheer amount of millipedes inside.

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“These little millipedes will come into your shoes, especially right after it rains, and it just rained tonight,” he explained.

Photo: TikTok/cor2ran

He emptied the bugs into a plastic tub so you can really see how many bugs there are.

“Look how many of these things are in there. Holy cow, look at this. Let’s get them all out. Oh my god. Yeah, let’s get the rest out. Look at all these little things. Isn’t that crazy, they were all just in my shoes, after one night in Florida,” he said.

Photo: TikTok/cor2ran

I think many of us would be leaving the shoes for the millipedes, but Corran commented on the video that he’s already back to wearing them.

Watch the video below:


It’s unclear if Corran staged the video as an educational piece on bugs or if they naturally crawled into the shoes in one night, but either way, it’s creepy to think about!

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