Take A Moment To Jam With A Hilarious Orangutan And A Ukulele

Many animals across the globe can make incredible sounds in a number of different ways. Some can use their voices, others can use specially adapted body parts, and sometimes creatures like the orangutan use actual instruments.

Although it’s not uncommon for Sumatran orangutans to use tools to gather and prepare food, these rare apes apparently aren’t too adept at making music. But when presented with a ukulele, this young orang makes it clear that he would rather floss and dig a hole than play a song.

At first, this little guy seems a bit confused about what is actually going on with the strange contraption he was just given, especially since he tries to strum the strings with his lips.

But then, after a few minutes he resorted back to the tried and true orangutan method of just smashing the dirt with his newfound tool.

Check out this orangutan’s shenanigans in the video below and enjoy the serenade!

t apes are losing a lot of their habitat to Sumatran agricultural efforts. Their homes are getting leveled and replaced with farmland. Find out how to donate toward the safe relocation of orangutans like our friend David Gilmour up there.

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