Time-Lapse Shows The Growth Of Shiitake Mushrooms

Have you ever wondered how shiitake mushrooms grow?

It’s more interesting than some might think and Jen of Another Perspective is here to provide us with a time-lapse of the process.

Jen monitored the mushrooms over the course of ten days and the final result is every bit as beautiful as you would expect.

Photo: YouTube/Another Perspective
Photo: YouTube/Another Perspective

“Using two cameras for different perspectives I took one image every 5 minutes showing how shiitake mushroom starts to grow. After harvesting 500g of mushrooms, the block needs to rest for a while until it gets soaked with water and the shiitake will start to grow again,” the video’s description reads.

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Photo: YouTube/Another Perspective

Watch the time-lapse in the video below:

You can follow Jen to see more of her work on YouTube or Instagram, @anotherperspective_yt.

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