Shepherd Dogs Help Save Cheetah Population

Farmers in Gobabis, Namibia rely upon their livestock for their livelihood. When confronted with cheetahs attacking their goat herds, revenge killings and captures became a short-term solution. These methods offered compensation that could mitigate the financial loss endured by the cheetahs killing their livestock. Obviously, killing members of this beautiful (and vulnerable) species, was not a good solution.

Luckily, conservationists stepped in with an innovative approach to ensuring shepherds and cheetahs peacefully coexist.

That’s where kangal dogs come into the picture. The dogs are bred to be livestock guardians, and actually live with the goats to ensure their protection by chasing away potential predators, like cheetahs. This also protects the big cats from future revenge killings should they target livestock for their next meal. Talk about a win-win!

These courageous dogs have offered a non-lethal predator control program for the shepherds of Nambia for over 19 years!

Watch the video to learn more!

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