Hundreds Of Sheep Come Together To Form A ‘Crop Circle’ In A Field

In East Sussex, hundreds of sheep gathered to form a mysterious ‘crop circle’ in a field.

A man spotted the strange sighting while out for a bike ride and captured the moment on camera.

Christopher Hogg was on his regular cycling route when he noticed something unusual in a field off in the distance. According to UNILAD, Hogg explained, “I was on my daily cycle and came over the hill and saw this magnificent circle.”

Photo: Facebook/Christopher Hogg

He continued to say how from half a mile away it appeared to just be a huge, saucer-shaped circle in the field. He wasn’t quite sure what was causing the circle but noted that it looked like an alien ship. He said, “It was beautiful, but also in 2021 a bit too weird for comfort.”

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As he continued his bike ride, he moved closer to the mysterious circle and discovered it was actually hundreds of sheep gathered into a strange circle formation.

Photo: Facebook/Christopher Hogg

Despite cycling past the field nearly every morning, Hogg, a lecturer at Royal Holloway University, noted that the sheep were acting especially odd that morning. As UNILAD reported, Hogg shared that most days he cycled past, the sheep were noisy. However, this particular day, they were strangely quiet. He said, “It was so quiet like they were in a trance. It was very eerie.”

Hogg shared photos of the mysterious sheep circle on a Facebook group, Brighton People. Naturally, it got the attention of many locals who were just as perplexed as him.

Photo: Facebook/Christopher Hogg

“Aliens are making shapes with sheep now?” one person wrote.

“The sheep are making a crop circle to prank the farmer,” someone joked.

“trying to get back to the mother ship” another said.

While the theories tying the unusual formation to space and aliens is quite fun to think about, a few people in the comments offered a more realistic explanation. Apparently, the mysterious sheep crop circle was most likely a result of how the sheep were fed that day.

As someone explained, “Farmer drove around in circles, depositing food. The sheep followed.”

Photo: Facebook/Christopher Hogg

Back in 2012, other herds of sheep were being discovered in strange formations. A farm manager at Herefordshire College of Technology, Dan Seaborne, shared with the Evening Standard that the sheep were most likely doing this because they had been “fed with dry feed in that shape.”

He continued to explain how you can drive around with a quad and leave a trail of feed, resulting in sheep forming whatever pattern you desire. He even added, “I think there was a chap in Yorkshire who spelled out ‘will you marry me’ to his girlfriend in sheep by putting feed down.”

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