H2O? More Like H2NO! Captain Kirk Is Out To Fix California’s Water Woes!

Iconic actor William Shatner has saved us from countless evils over the decades; from invasive alien species to exorbitant hotel prices, Shatner has been our guy. Well, he’s making waves again, this time working in an effort to save Californians from the four-year drought that has dampened the states economy.

Governor Jerry Brown, obviously in de-Nile about the danger, has made minuscule efforts to stem the drying, but small-time fixes such as encouraging conservation and responsible water usage by citizens are a proverbial drop in the bucket (sadly, there are no drops to spare for this demonstration), and so it was up to someone with experience in space-age technology to get kraken and step up to offer a REAL solution. One so simple, it’s amazing no one has put it together until now.


Shatner is throwing his weight around and raising awareness for the drought by starting a campaign to pipe in water from better-moisturized states, and he hopes others will see it his way. His dream is an above-ground pipeline that can carry water from places like Seattle that hoard water like it’s going out of style, and pumping it to California where it can be put to better use. No, he’s not just doing this for the halibut; he’s actively ramping up a Kickstarter campaign to bring his dream to life.  30 billion dollars from Kickstarter co and making his pipeline a reality, showering California with fresh, Northwestern water. And, in classic Captain fashion, he even addressed concerns about an above ground pipeline.

“How bad would it be to get a large, 4-foot pipeline, keep it aboveground — because if it leaks, you’re irrigating!” Shatner told an interviewer. “It’s simple. They did it in Alaska — why can’t they do it along Highway 5?”

However, not everyone seas the benefit in Shatner’s plan. While Seattle is famous for its misty disposition, is actually not drowning in extra water. In fact, Washington and Oregon are suffering from the drought as well, stemming from the low level of snowpack in the Cascades. While the west side of the states feels perpetually damp, the eastern sides are suffering from lack of water as well. Sadly, there isn’t enough to go around. Maybe Shatner will approach his native Canada to spare a bit of H2O for the Californians. One can only hope.

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