The Phrase “Swimming With Sharks” Might Not Deserve Such A Bad Reputation!

1. Caribbean Reef Shark

While a 10-foot shark swimming next to you might seem the stuff of nightmares, these guys are actually indifferent to you, maybe even curious. The Caribbean Reef shark is the most commonly seen on shark expeditions, and while they are big enough to be a threat, the chances are unbelievably slim.

2. Nurse Shark

Another common shark, the nurse shark is a very lethargic shark, and has zero interest in humans. They are the perfect first experience for those that want to visit sharks.

3. Leopard Shark

The leopard shark is a small shark, only getting to around 5 feet long, they are a very wary species. Their first reaction to people is to swim in the opposite direction! Sadly, their ability to adapt to captivity makes them prime fodder for the aquarium market.

4. Whale Sharks

Whale sharks got their name not for being the largest fish species, although that certainly helps, but from being filter feeders, much like whales. Growing up to 40 feet, they are actually very friendly around divers. With no aggressive behavior, these are amazing sharks to experience, assuming being in the water with a creature almost 6 times your size doesn’t freak you out.

5. Angel Shark

Looking like a mix between a flounder and sting ray, the angel shark is a bizarre creature. They are one of the few shark species that can lay on the ocean floor for extended periods of time. They bury themselves until prey swims by, then they pounce. They are a very shy species, but fascinating.

Jumping into shark-infested waters may sound like a bad day, but it can actually be a wonderful way to learn about, and understand, our finned friends below. Of course, always do your research before diving in!

Would you ever try swimming with sharks? Have you? Let us know your stories!

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