10ft Great White Shark Caught On Video Near The Beach In Cape Cod

Cue the famous two notes that made everyone afraid of sharks because there is new aerial footage from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, that shows a 10ft great white shark swimming uncomfortably close to a popular beach in the area. While summertime might be synonymous with the sand and surf, the local authorities are warning the public to be cautious when entering the water – and maybe just avoid it altogether.

The video footage was recorded by a Massachusetts Police helicopter. They then shared the clip to Facebook. The police force has already stated that two sharks have been seen swimming in the waters just 50 yards away from the shoreline at Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Luckily for those hitting the beaches, they had already been advised to stay out of the water prior to the police picking up the footage of the giant shark on camera.

The Faceboook post had read, “The Massachusetts State Police Air Wing provides an important service every summer in helping patrol the waters off Cape Cod beaches for great white sharks in the vicinity of swimmers. On Saturday, in the early afternoon, the crew of MSP helicopter Air 4 observed two great whites about 50 yards offshore at Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet.”

The post added that the local police had been warned by the helicopter crew upon seeing the two sharks. However, it was fortunate timing because swimmers had already been asked to get out of the water due to an earlier shark sighting in the area that morning. Still, the video of the shark swimming around has gone viral, gaining loads of attention on social media.

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Understandably, many people online are a bit apprehensive about the large predators being in the area, with several individuals writing that they will not be going in the water any time soon. Besides many of these comments, there were others who seemed to be more familiar with the pattern of these sharks frequently being seen in the Massachusetts waters during the summer months. Some couldn’t even understand why people were so freaked out about a great white shark, to which one woman responded, “They do live there but it’s not like seeing a duck in a pond. People don’t get to see them every day. You sound like you see sharks every day?”

Well, it is 2020 so anything is possible. So long as these great whites don’t suddenly get swept up in a tornado along the coast I think we’ll be okay.

Watch the aerial footage in the clip below:

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