Shark Circling Two Swimmers Has The Internet In A Frenzy

We like to feel safe when we are enjoying a day at the beach. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

It seems as if that question is being answered thanks to a TikTok video and the Internet can’t handle it.

The video is out of Florida (of all places) and it shows two swimmers who seem to be oblivious to the danger around them. What is the danger? It is a shark that is circling them!

Photo: flickr/NOAA Photo Library

Connor Seitz (@cseitz2281) is the TikTok user who filmed the video on July 18. He was staying at a hotel in Panama City Beach and was able to take the video from his hotel room.

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At first, it starts out with a beautiful sight of a coastline, but when he zooms into the girls swimming, you see that there is a shark nearby.

Photo: TikTok/cseitz2281
Photo: TikTok/cseitz2281

As the hammerhead shark continues to get closer, you can hear Seitz with a little stress in his voice, saying how the shark is now circling the swimmers!


Blow this up so those two girls can see this video. Was filmed yesterday in PCB do your thing tik tok

♬ original sound – Connor Seitz

After the video was uploaded, tens of millions of people viewed it. In the comments of a follow-up video, the two girls were identified as Emma and Addie, young teens who were on a family vacation. They reportedly saw the video after their mom stumbled it across it and were glad that they didn’t realize what was happening in the moment!

Maybe I should go to the mountains for my vacation this year.

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