Great White Shark Caught Jumping 15 Feet Out Of The Water

Sharks are fascinating creatures of the deep that are still surrounded by an air of mystery. They evoke equal parts terror and curiosity in our minds – particularly the Great White sharks. We can probably all thank the movie Jaws for immortalizing the Great White as being this fearsome beast that makes us think twice about getting into the water at the beach.

But in reality, Great Whites are such cool animals and they are often the study subjects of marine biologists and other scientists that are working to unravel the mysteries of our oceans. One of the interesting things about Great Whites is that they can actually breach the water’s surface while on a hunt. In fact, there was a shark that launched itself 15ft into the air in what is believed to be a record-breaker.

In the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, the shark expert Chris Fallows went to South Africa’s Seal Island in order to further observe these powerful sharks. It was there that a variety of experts worked together to gather footage of a shark breaching the water’s surface. The team used drone technology staggered throughout certain times of day in order to see what they’d get. And that is when Air Jaws: Ultimate Breach happened.

Chris Fallows managed to capture the amazing image using a tow camera. He shared the picture and said, “They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, that picture is worth a thousand breaches. I can’t believe how high it came out, it was just perfect… a photo you dream of. This has to be the ultimate air jaws breach.”

The show Air Jaws: Ultimate Breach was directed by Jeff Kurr. He shared with TV Insider that Fallows had managed to get some incredible shots throughout, but that one breach in particular turned out to be the best one ever caught on camera.

Air Jaws has been a show that has been around for a while. In fact, it was launched way back in 2001. Since then, Kurr added that there have been many different takes on the show that they’ve attempted. However, he emphasized that the team really wants to relay the message of conservation with their work since Great Whites happen to be “on the brink of annihilation.”

Those viewers at home were blown away by what they were seeing on camera. There were many comments regarding the footage. Most of them were pointing out their amazement that a breach that high managed to be captured. Someone else wrote that they never tire of seeing sharks jump out of the water – something that I’m sure fellow Shark Week enthusiasts can relate to.

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But perhaps the best comment was the social media user who joked, “Watching Air Jaws on Discovery rating the breaches like an Olympic judge.”

If we had to give this breach a rating, it would definitely be a 10 out of 10! That shark would undoubtedly be taking home the gold.

Shark Week has really upped their stakes this year as one of the segments on Shark Week featured boxing icon, Mike Tyson, in Tyson vs Jaws. During the show, the 54-year-old endured a challenge in which he immobilized a shark. No, he didn’t punch a shark, instead, the challenge was for him to enter shark-infested waters and perform a trick called tonic immobility. It is a completely harmless state of inactivity for a shark. It doesn’t last long and it doesn’t hurt them at all. While Tyson did go through, he was understandably nervous and questioning his own sanity for agreeing to such a challenge.

Shark Week airs on Discovery Channel all through the 16th of August!

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