Man Survives Shark Attack Off The California Coast

A man was attacked by a great white shark at the Gray Whale Cove State Beach while searching for crabs.

38-year-old Nemanja Spasojevic was enjoying his time when he felt a sharp pain in his leg.

According to KPIX CBS SF Bay Area, he reported feeling pain in his leg, then he was pushed and shortly after came face-to-face with a great white shark.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“It felt very quick, almost like a mosquito bite,” he explained.

The San Fransisco resident said he was very thankful that the shark wasn’t aggressive. He said, “He didn’t thrash my leg. Gentle bite, let go. If it was not gentle, I wouldn’t be here standing.”

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Spasojevic limped back to the beach, bleeding through his wetsuit. As soon as he made it to shore, he called for help and a nearby fisherman came to his aid.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Thankfully, Spasojevic didn’t suffer any serious injuries but did have 10 non-threatening puncture wounds in his leg. He was treated at the San Francisco General Hospital, and though he came out of it with his life and leg intact, he does have a limp from the incident.

It’s possible the great white shark mistook Spasojevic for a different marine animal and realized after biting into him.

Photo: YouTube/KPIX CBS SF Bay Area

According to the Florida Museum, most reported shark attacks are “hit and runs,” like the crab hunter experienced. They said, “In most instances, these probably are cases of mistaken identity…We suspect that, upon biting, the shark quickly realizes that the human is a foreign object, or that it is too large, and immediately releases the victim and does not return.”

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