Seal Catches A Ride On A Very Unexpected Ocean Friend

Even in the depths of the ocean, there is plenty of friendliness to go around. Sea lions and seals are basically the aquatic version of Labradors, sea otters hold hands with one another, and dolphins just want to play with everything.

But when a seal managed to get a quick ride on the back of a very unexpected breaching whale, that kind of friendly interaction is equal parts rare and adorable.


A group of boaters were out on the water, observing a wonderfully cute seal just swimming around and enjoying the sunshine at the surface. After a short time, the seal swam away from the boat only to find out that there was a massive whale just beneath it.

When the whale breached the surface, the seal was in just the right place to hop up on the whale’s back, take a quick little ride, and then jump back down into the water.

Even if this kind of thing happens every once in awhile, seeing it in person was an absolute blast for these boaters.


After the seal’s ride was finished, the boat erupted in cheers and laughter because of the sheer randomness of what they were privileged enough to witness.

The ocean is just such a magnificent place that no matter where you may be drifting around, there could always be something incredible for you to see.

Check out the video below to see this hilarious friendship, because there are very few things better than sitting back and watching a tiny seal take a ride on the back of a whale.

Enjoy the ride!

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