Paddleboarder Gets An Unexpected Visitor When A Seal Hops Onto His Board For A Ride

A paddleboarder had quite the surprise when a seal hopped onto his board and took a ride.

Cenk Albayrak-Touyé was paddleboarding in the seaport town of Poole, Dorset in England, just off Brownsea near the harbor. He was having an enjoyable time on the water when he saw a seal pop up!

The seal swam right up to his board and hopped on top for a ride. Cenk couldn’t believe it, but he sat and watched as the big seal sprawled across the top of his board, looking around from side to side.

Photo: Facebook/Cenk Albayrak-Touyé
Photo: Facebook/Cenk Albayrak-Touyé

The seal chilled on his board for several moments, seemingly enjoying the ride.

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Eventually, he slipped off the board back into the water and swam away.

Photo: Facebook/Cenk Albayrak-Touyé

Cenk shared a video of the experience on Facebook, saying, “Had a little visitor while Paddle Boarding”

He explained in the comments of his video that he’d seen seals before, but only from a distance. He said, “Before today I’d only ever caught a glimpse of a seal haha.”

While his experience could’ve been quite scary or startling, he said that he “loved every second!”

Watch the video below:

As a reminder, it’s important to never approach a wild animal without a trained professional, since they can be unpredictable or highly stressed with human interaction.

While harbor seals are usually harmless, they have been known to bite or even attack when promoted.

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